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Capitol Tattoo

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At Capitol Tattoo we believe your tattoo should only be applied by a skilled artist in a clean and safe environment using single service needles and autoclave sterilized equipment. Capitol Tattoo has been serving our customers in the Washington, D.C. area in this manor since 1992. Our commitment to quality, safe, reasonably priced tattoos and body piercings is stronger than ever. Our supreme goal is your total satisfaction with your tattoo and body piercing experience. At Capitol Tattoo you receive friendly service, a knowledgeable staff eager to answer all of your questions, clean work stations and sterile single service needles and equipment. It's a lifelong decision for your body we're talking about here....why settle for anything less than perfection!

Capitol Tattoo

is looking for experienced artists, and counter help.

Artist must have a minimum of 3 years shop experience, education in proper sterilization, a well rounded portfolio, and solid clientele.


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